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Mila & Swisscom New Platform Integration

Read on to find out about receiving Swisscom service calls on the new Mila platform

From 5th of February 2019, all Swisscom service requests made by Mila Friends will be booked exclusively via the new Mila platform. Get ready to continue to inspire many Swisscom customers together with Mila!

What does it mean for you?

1. Sign-Up: To receive service calls from Swisscom with Mila, sign-up on our new platform here. You’ll find further information on how to complete your profile here

2. Pass the Swisscom test: In order to receive Swisscom service calls, you need to pass this test. You’ll find more information on how to manage your skills on your profile here.

3. Download the new app: To manage service calls, you have to download the new partner app available on GooglePlayStore and AppStore.

What changes?

Distribution of service requests
The service request is offered to a Mila partner exclusively for a short period of time according to defined criteria, more information here.

Call your customer
Within 12 hours of accepting the service request, contact the customer by telephone. In this conversation, you can clarify the customer’s request again and confirm the final price of the service.

Mila sets a recommended maximum price for each service. You can also lower the price which is usually estimated by the customer. Should the price be higher due to the estimated effort, you can offer this to the customer directly when calling. If the customer agrees with the price, adjust it in the app.

No cash payment
In order to guarantee a clean and transparent payment process for customers and service partners we no longer accept cash payments. Customers can now pay via credit card or invoice. Further payment services such as Paypal will be added later in the year.

Star rating
Rating of each service by the customer plays an important role on the new platform. The number of 5 star ratings will influence the number of jobs you will be offered. Therefore, when completing a service, ask your customer to rate the service you’ve provided (they will receive an email asking them to do so).

What remains the same?

Your customer’s preferred date
Before accepting a service request, please ensure that you agree with the time, place and scope of the service. The time and date of the service visit can only be changed at the customer’s request.

In certain cases, it becomes clear that the service cannot be carried out once you arrive (missing material, Internet not working etc.). This issue can be recorded in the Mila App. You must also report the incident to the Swisscom hotline, 0800 800 800. You can find further information on the conclusion of an incident here.

Customer approval and signature
By signing, customers confirm that they are satisfied with the service. The order is now complete.

In 2019, it is our priority to ensure that the number of orders continues to increase. In addition, we will surprise you with new features!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us
also via Mila Hotline at 043 508 01 92.

Christian Viatte
Founder | CEO

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